Of the several ways to quickly and effectively create a durable and energy-efficient roof system, Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is one of the highest quality and cost-effective options, especially in high temperature, dry climates like Arizona.

As SRS Roofing Services continues to serve the Scottsdale, Arizona area presently with a large scale multi-family residential lift and relay tile project, part of the project involves installing an SPF overlay or “foam overlay.”

SPF can be used for a new construction project, applied directly to even OSB decking, it can be applied to existing roof systems. Once sprayed as a liquid, it expands into a foam to form a highly durable roof insulation layer. This solutions can also be used for residential roofing and commercial roofing projects.

“Some roofing systems like EPDM can deteriorate quickly in very hot and dry climates. Adding an overlay coating on top of it can protect the existing roof from further decay,” SRS Roofing Services owner and vice-president Heather MacDougall said.

SRS Roofing Services features Gaco products for SPF applications and once coated with an approved GacoFlex acrylic, silicone or urethane coating, the foam provides a complete roofing system. It allows a roof to have the utmost energy efficiency and saves roofing contractors and their clients money from the cost of tearing off and disposing of existing roof materials from a full replacement project.

Although SPF is ideal for portions of our present large scale project in Scottsdale, Arizona, it is also ideal and can be applied in all climates. It can also be applied to almost any pitch of a roof facet because the foam adheres to most surfaces. SPF is a great option of unique and challenging architectural roof designs or the most simple of low-slope systems.

For roofing contractors which aspire to be environmental conscious, Gaco also offers a low Global Warning Potential (GWP) SPF product with is manufactured with an HFO blowing agent which reduces its GWP by more than 99 percent.

As the SRS Roofing Services team of experts pride itself on educating its clients, if you feel your roofing project could best benefit from an SPF overlay or applied to your new build, contact SRS Roofing Services for a consultation on this roofing solution. We are presently serving areas of Arizona and Colorado.